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Banana Detox Therapy

The Banana treatment helps greatly in detoxifying the body. It flushes the body of the toxins caused by the ultraviolet rays. The green colour of the banana leaves has the healing properties which deters the harmful rays from entering the body and only allows the energy to flow into various parts of the body. This life energy helps in rejuvenating the tissues, the muscles and the organs of the body and helps in curing physical complaints.

10 to 15 full lengthy banana leaves are required for this per person. It is best to do this before 12’o clock in the morning. Good sun light is required for this since removal of toxins in this method is through sweat. Heart patients will a feel a little restlessness during this treatment. There is no need to panic. Since it will sweat a lot during this treatment the patient should drink as much water as possible before taking the treatment. Minimum dress is advised. A small wet towel should be put on the head.

Spread a mat and a wet blanket on a place with good sunlight. (Blanket on the mat) On the blanket spread 5 to 6 small ropes at fixed intervals to tie the patient with banana leaves. Then spread the banana leaves such that the inner part of the leaves touches the patient’s body. Then allow the patient to lie down on it and then cover him with banana leaves and tie with the rope underneath so that no air enters inside. The full body should be covered except for the nose to breath.

The patient can be inside for 20 to 40 minutes. If the patient feels very uneasy he can be relieved. Toxins in the form of sweat from ½ to 1 litre would have come out. Then the patient should be allowed to rest in a airy shady place for ½ and hour and then take bath with cold water. This is a wonderful treatment in case of obesity. Since the leaves turns poisonous by treatment it should not be given to grazing animals like cow and goat. It should not also be put as fertilizers to the plants. Care should be taken to dispose the used leaves properly. A slight tiredness or headache may be there after taking this bath which is quiet normal. Healthy persons can take this bath once in a month. Persons suffering from diseases can take it once in two weeks. It purifies the blood.