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About us

Sant Gajanan Maharaj Trust envisages working in Nature based Cure sector. The trust is headed by experienced professionals from healthcare sector. The promoters of the trust have expertise in the areas of Basic & Higher Education Healthcare administration, Health technology, Health education and Medicine. Sant Gajanan Maharaj nature cure & home stay is the first Naturopathy Centre to be set up under Sant Gajanan Maharaj trust. It is our endeavor to give you drugless therapy in the midst of Nature with 3 star services, facilities and therapies.

Having worked in Healthcare for more than 10 years (Both Allopathic and Naturopathy), we have come to the conclusion that Naturopathy is the way to keep us healthy & disease free. The advantage of getting treatment in our Naturopathy is manifold.

You detoxify & rejuvenate your body.
You can spend quality time with your spouse.
It’s a vacation with relaxation in luxury & comfort.
You learn to live a Healthy live.

Sant Gajanan Maharaj nature cure & home stay, Maharashtra is our first venture and one of the many we are setting up in organic & inorganic model across Maharashtra. We want to create successful history with not only with our services but with people & clear values.

At our organization, we are committed to shared values that are binding on all the employees. Everything we do is based on our corporate values: Courage, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity and Transparency. And these values shall enable us to create a trustful environment in which entrepreneurship can thrive – essential for a business model that is built on innovation.


Adv.Annasaheb D.Chavan

Dr. Yashwant A.Chavan

Dr.Pratibha Y.Chavan

Dr.Sanjay A.Chavan

Dr.Surekha S.Chavan

Dr. Jayashree Dharap

Mr. Bharat Ketkar (Consultant)